* 311 samples, 465 MB, 44 kHz, 24 bit, stereo
* Recorded using original technology on a premium equipment
* Up to 27 layers on each instrument note
* Samples recorded playing with right and left hands for realistic drum sound
* Ability to customize each instrument’s sound individually using effects
* Effects: 4-band SOLID EQ equalizer, SUPERCOMP compressor, reverberation, NY compressor
* Adjusting the Volume, Pan, Tune, Attack, Hold, Decay for each instrument * Presets for different music styles
* Unlimited ability to create your own original sound of percussion instruments

Main Console

Here you can create your individual sound for each instrument. The friendly interface of this application will allow you to act as a sound designer and to get a sound most suitable for your track. The ultimate result is only up to you.

Equalizer & Compressor

Make your sound even more powerful and professional using modern effects: the 4-band SOLID EQ equalizer and SUPERCOMP compressor.


Master Console

This console includes the tools needed to finalize your drum kit sound. To make your work easier, you can take advantage of ready-made presets that have been thoughtfully created for you.

Demo #1


Demo #2


Demo #3


Demo #4

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